my plans for this month


So I know I’m a tad bit lazy…….. well very lazy not posting for months at a time sigh. I just tend to lose interest in stuff for some time. for e.g my up coming book I have not written in months I think since November or December, needless to say I just stop projects then start them back when my mind is up to it.

so my plans for this month this is hopefully I don’t become lazy again.

Start back blogging again. imma try every day to every week >_< .

Go on more hikes this month well till my rotation starts which will be in 3 week

At least finish a chapter in my book  which wont be a problem I think.

Like I do meditate more 😀 I do it every do or every 2 days. I just thought I’ll add that in to remind myself (hehe)

Start back being more active another reminder to self.

Maybe do a little vlogging but that’s asking for to much.

that is the list I’ll update it if there is more to add. see ya


Up coming writing 


Sooo I’ve met an amazing guy at animekon Saturday 3rd September. He’s an artist and a writer. I must say his stuff is amazing check him out (Rivenis the artist- Diskordia). Major influence to finish my book. So I’ve finished my latest chapter. I have to type it out and then I’ll edit it. And hopefully I’ll be finished before December 31 this year and the world will get to read my first book 😁. 

Self happiness 


I always preach self happiness. It’s not about what others think should make you happy it’s about what you think and know makes you happy. 

A lot of people today knows nothing about self happiness and self awareness. They find themselves occupied with someone else or something else like social media, media, propaganda, self destructive behaviors and the list goes on. It is quite sad to think about really, to not know the simple joys within themselves and not truly being honest with themselves to know true self joy. 

Others perceptions of what is, has nothing to do with you. When you stop putting your energy into the things that doesn’t serve you positively, you will truly be alive. 

It’s all about what makes you happy passionate and comfortable within your own skin and not being blinded be false perceived joy. 

When it makes sense 


That moment when nothing makes sense, When you sit alone with an empty head, when you look into the roof with blank eyes, the eyes open but still shut, 

Please tell me how, please tell me now, please tell me when, when it makes sense, let me know so I can smile. 

Have you seen her?, she over there, covered in the dark, I can’t see, let’s open the sky so we can see, blinded by the dark, I’ll show you light so it makes sense,

Please tell me how, please tell me now, please tell me when, when it makes sense, let me know so I can smile. 

Take my hand darling, can you see the light, the light is bright yes, I’ll take you for away just to see you smile,

Far away, far away, far away, far from yourself, far from your heart, take my hand we will smile together

Please tell me how, please tell me now, please tell me when, when it makes sense, let me know so We both can smile. 

(Just wrote this song, I haven’t written a song in years) any comments on what you think it means. 

Understanding human nature 


Life is about challenges; unexpected losses and gains; moving forward, staying still and taking a step back; taking from others and giving back; growth, wilt and regrowth; Løvê Vs hate; peace Vs war; good Vs evil; wants and haves; understanding and indifference; knowledge and ignorance; disease Vs wellness; peace of mind and stress; the list can go on and on and on. This earth moves in a circle around itself and around its star. Human nature also moves in a circle.  One of the circles leads to hate then there comes distraction then regrowth. But if we do learn to break that circle there will be no suffering. But as a great photographer stated there must always be a balance ☯️ Though it is hard to watch and understand why the reason for what happens you must live your life till you no longer can. 



1 video down 4 more to go. Yes it’s a task and I’ll get done. So you’ll have some more videos to look forward to.  The other 4 are mostly hiking videos. Oh I almost forgot I have to do the 2016 video and the day at the beach with Melissa and Vick. So in all I have 6 more videos to come for you. February is almost over so I’ll do the 2016 1 next then the beach and the hiking videos will come after in the times and dates they’ve been recorded. 

Up writing


lately I’ve started back my book I plan to finish before June of this year. ill like to pick up another project of writing another story. It’s going to be a different type from the first book also it will take a lot of effort in creating that’s why I am not writing it with my current book. I’m not saying I cant do both at the same time. I’m just saying that I want the other one to be really good so I need to finish this one. The one I’m currently writing is a love story. I plan to do get it published and make it into an ebook. although its my first book it does have potential to become really big. I’m not just being over confident but for a person that does not read love novels often it is a page turner It also has a good story line to keep you interested. I’ve allowed many of my friends sample some of the contend and the feedback is looking promising. Though I’m very proud of myself I have started many short stories in my teens but I’ve never finished them and the are lost in the past I am determined to finish this. I can’t wait to dive into the next project.

Work out


Did about 7 k jog and walk the same rout as the 1 yesterday I took neffy with me this time. Then I did 3 lap walk around the block with elly and Cindy. I’m officially tired but still hav the energy to go again. I could not record it cause my phone gps stoped and when I got home my phone died. So I did the laps without the phone. I started at about 5:34 and finished at about 7:20

Sis bday


Today is my sis birthday so I went into town with her. She got a new tat and I got to play with ridge’s pet snake. The snake was so cool and chill. I wanted to steal him away but I couldn’t 🙈🙈. 

After she got her tat we went walking around in town. We went into 2 malls. I bought condsioner like 3 bottles because 1 bottles only lasts like 2 washes. It was cheep vo5 but my hair loves it I’ll post the type in the natural hair blog.  I also got these cheep shades 🙈. 
Yesterday I did not post anything because I was ill 😩. 

 This is me and josh the python. He is so cute. 

  Me and Crissy looking dope in the mall 🙈

going to start back blogging


I have not been blogging for a year and I think its time I started back I’ve been lazy so I will try to do it every week or a couple days during the week. Also I have been lazy with my hair so I will try to work on my natural hair blog that would give me inspiration to do styles with my head I think lol or maybe not I’m so lazy with my head lately. I was also thinking about making a vlog to add along with the new blogging, also make a youtube youtube channel I don’t know it seems like a lot of work. It’s a thought with its also a lot of commitment and patients that I will have to have. If that’s the case ill have to put reminders on my phone. I tend to get lazy and bored quite fast. Hopefully it stay commited or you will miss me for another year lol. Anyways i’ll try my best. 

You on my mind


It’s been years and you just pop in my head and I can’t get you out maybe it’s the lust we had that have never left me but I have moved on in my head and you have also. This chemistry is so strong it’s taking me years to get over you but it’s a must to. Just so you know I’m sorry I have hurt you.

It’s a poem I have write a couple years ago just saw it and decide to blog it.
Maybe I might turn it into a song.


From the time you have messed me up once you will do it again and the time you do it a second time I can no longer trust the words that come out you mouth I will 🙂 with u but your promises have no value to me because I know you can not keep them.

A promise is a comfort to a fool



Remembering 😊


Oh the 4th of march I saw a granddad with his granddaughter and it just took me back to when my dad was alive and how much I miss him 😦 . It made me think and fantasize about if he was here he would see his grandchildren. Oh how a wonderful grandfather he would be. But then it hit me reality kicked in x_x . But he is always looking after me RIP dad may I see u again someday 😀 💋❤️